Sunday, February 1, 2015


I've never been this far
My faith stretched like a rubber band
at its breaking point
I've climbed mountains
Slayed dragons
Conquered cities
But this
This is the the most faith I have
Ever had to muster
In the first minute of conversation
It was written in your eyes
Your hands
The way you moved
I could clearly see you there
The heavens opened for a split second
And I ran in the opposite direction
Did I really see and hear what I thought I did
Its been almost 7 years
7 years of turmoil war and death
7 years of birth and growth and life
since I saw your face
The circle of life brought you around again
It can't be a coincidence
Synchronicity is dancing in perfect time
But in my opinion she is enjoying the dance
a little too much
Because you are now so far away
and here I am waiting again
On the edge of the cliff
Wondering if its synchronicity dancing
behind the curtains and on the stage
or if its just all in my head
My heart playing tricks
I'm gonna take a leap of faith
this time
what have i got to lose except
You are worth it I think
Please come for me
Come to my rescue
Wake me up from this dream
Tell me you belong in my heart
Fly me away
Lest I fall off the edge of this cliff and die.
Faith, I take your hand
Don't disappoint me again.

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