Monday, March 6, 2017

From there to here

A tunnel a vortex
How did we get here
From there
That spacious place
With feathers
A resting place
To lay my head
A kind place
Where children play
But now
A lions den
Where no one is safe
Keep the children
Locked away again
Locked away again
Safe in their place
Where guardians lurk
On watch for threats
Of hits and runaways
In uniform with rules
And restrictions
To keep the children safe
To keep the children safe
And it hurts that there's no one
To welcome them
To love them
To play with them
To love them
It hurts for them
To always stay inside
When they want out
They were made
For connection and safety
For peaceful play
They were made
For love
To love and be loved
You have to
Stay inside little ones
It's not safe out here
Where strangers enter in
To holy places
But shrink in fear
Of all that is beauty
Rejecting the good
To save their own lives
And the lives of their own
Little children

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