Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Constant

When shadows shift and sand gives way 
When change comes in a hurricane 
When a layer is ripped torn off my heart 
It seems I've lost yet another part 

When I'm left with an empty nest 
And nothing seems to give me rest 
Solitude comes with her deafening screams  
No The world is not as it should be 

You're my constant my steady hand 
My hero in this foreign land 
You're the only One who really understands 
Always there to listen to every stand 

When debris is slashed through the stormy winds 
And darkness becomes a hidden friend 
The world swirls in whirls and twirls 
Still you are my surprising end 

A silent stillness in the chaotic race 
A cave within lit by candles and grace 
Peace sings her song in this secret place 
And I lean in to the strength of your face 

My anchor through the wave upon wave 
My forever rock my steady always 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Fire fire I'm on fire 
Pieces pieces I'm in pieces 
Scattered like a firework 
On the Fourth of July 
You always break in 
With your silence 
Or with your words 
I cannot stop 
These white water rapids 
From gushing 
I cannot lock my heart 
The dam is broken 
Fire fire I'm on fire 
Pieces pieces I'm in pieces 
Shooting like a meteor shower 
I am out of my skin