Monday, January 6, 2014

I carry them

I carry him in my heart 
The lame man 
Crippled by life and disease
A mind as sharp as a knife  
Embers of potential 
Snuffed out by life 
A bachelor degreed beggar 
Finding home in Jesus 
Fighting for his freedom
I carry him in my heart 

I carry him in my heart
The boy who loves to kayak 
Whose father broke every promise 
Abandoned and angry 
He fights the rapids of life
With rebellion and sinful living 
I called him son 
I called him home 
But he just keeps running 
I carry him in my heart 

I carry him in my heart 
Seven years old and alone 
With four little sisters to feed
A scared of the dark provider 
He becomes hard and strong 
He fights and he begs and he bleeds
He should be playing childish games 
But he grew up too fast
Now he's eleven and they call him Dad
I carry him in my heart 

I carry him in my heart 
The man who cannot speak
His words stay inside his stomach 
He swallows them everyday 
The man who cannot hear 
The news that will set him free 
We sign our names 
 He beams with the delight of connection 
We lay hands and believe
But walk away without answers  
I carry him in my heart 

I carry them in my heart 
Children I've called my own 
Brought into this broken world 
With dreams and destiny 
Life tried to drown them 
But a Lifeguard came 
And I break to see them 
Walking in their fullness 
Made whole by a perfect love
That knows how to heal the deepest darkest wounds 
I carry them in my heart. 

I carry them in my heart 
The ones I loved who betrayed me 
Who have lost who they are
In the cruelty of this world
Full of lies and tricks 
They think will protect them 
Unaware that they have a father 
Who will never let them down 
Love rain down your mercy 
I carry them in my heart 

My heart is full and sometimes broken 
But everyday I just believe 
I believe in a love thats called unfailing 
That washes wounds and heals the hurting 
Let my hands and let my feet carry mercy 
So deep and so wide 
And ill carry them in my heart until
I see the Kingdom breaking light 

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