Monday, May 19, 2014

The Cliff of Hope

Standing at the edge 
of the cliff of hope
A voice says to turn around
shrink back into safety
My heart is teetering
threatening to fall
daring and longing to jump
The next season naturally
should be summer
blooms and light 
but winter’s whisper
is taunting me
She flaunts 
her dark colors of fear
but the winters have always 
been good to me
even in the depths of her despair and death
So I’ll stand in hope here on this edge
knowing if I fly or stay earthbound
it will all be life to my blood
How I long for the summer
Her beauty and smile
her laughter and praise
her songs of delight
Oh let the sun rise
but if the winter comes again
let my song still sing
Let the bottom of my soul
still smile
and I will wait in patience
knowing summer is bound to come
at least I  hope
If winter is peering around the corner
let me store the sunshine
in my pocket
let me photograph
optimism and truth
lest I drown in the cold
dark pale death of her
and forget the spring
But Spring always comes doesn't it
and Summer loves to follow her
Elusive summer 
how you love to hide
how do I find you
Let me trust the tides of life
that you will come again
That you will grace me again
that I will feel the glory of you
through my being
in the bottom of my soul
Once again or maybe for the first time
Now I try to look to the sunshine
in my pocket
at the truth I carved in my heart
and wait on the cliff of hope
for tomorrow

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